Large Stool

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Experience the fusion of luxury and practicality with the Large Stool, a piece that blends seamlessly into any interior while standing out as a symbol of craftsmanship. Choose from our selected Highland Tweed range, including the expressive Samuel Peploe or the serene Skara Brae, to complement your personal decor. The ample surface area provides a versatile use, from a coffee table substitute to extra seating for guests, all while offering the warmth and resilience intrinsic to ANTA's design philosophy.

Approx Size 110cm x 110cm x 40cm

Please be aware that as a bespoke piece of furniture, the Large Stool requires a lead time of approximately 12 weeks from the date of your order.

Each piece is not just a piece of furniture but, handmade to order, ensuring a product that is uniquely yours. Order now to infuse your home with the spirit of Scotland, wrapped in the enduring luxury of ANTA Highland Tweed.

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