4 peaches ripe
500ml double cream
250ml of Prosecco
30g caster sugar
100g flaked almonds
20ml sherry
50g Icing sugar

Prepare well in advance of serving.

1. Slice peaches in halves or quarters. Macerate in a bowl with Prosecco and sugar for roughly 2 hours in the fridge.

2. For the sugared almonds, toss them in sherry and icing sugar until a thick paste forms

3. Roast until golden, 5 - 8 minutes. Keep checking they are likely to burn!

4. Serve cold with pouring cream and sugared almonds on top. 

In Italy in the summer months it is customary at the end of the meal to take a perfectly ripe white peach, cut it into quarters and soak it in your last glass of white wine. The sweetness of the peach flesh sinks into the acidity of the wine and it is, at once, refreshing and indulgent. This recipe is inspired by that practice and is such a simple dessert to whip up when peaches are at their best.

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