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A candle is a gift which can say Congratulations, Thank You, Happy Birthday, Farewell, or simply to remind someone that you are there. 

Beautifully presented in a hand-painted stoneware bowl. Once the flame goes out, simply put your empty candle bowl in the dishwasher and add it to your stoneware collection.

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Choose from our four scents-

Scented with fragrant orange oil and spiced with cinnamon, Northern Lights is the perfect candle for cosy evenings together.

Awaken your senses with the delicate blend of coconut, bergamot and orange scent of Spring Tide.

Instantly escape the stress of daily life with the natural lavender scent of Secret Garden.

Delight in the unexpected pleasure of Indian Summer. The scent of rose and geranium rekindles joyful warm and sunny days.

Size & Material Used

Our scented candles are made with wax and essential oils filling our handmade stoneware. 1L, burn time is approximately 60 hours. Due to the hand-finished nature of our stoneware products, some variance in colour and pattern is likely to occur.

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