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"I am getting married in four months' time which I'm incredibly excited about. I grew up between London and Perthshire and adore both equally.
I am fortunate enough to work fully remotely and therefore think I appreciate what's in my home even more as I spend all of my time here. The pieces that I have chosen reflect a combination of tradition with modern living which ANTA does incredibly well.
The throws are a great place to start, immediately enhancing any room you have them in. And the cubes are incredibly handy to have anywhere from a London flat, storing away to a house in the country. 
What I love about Anta is that you know whatever you buy, you will have for many many years to come. We still use ANTA crockery my mum bought forty years ago!"
Isobel is a family friend of Annie and Lachlan Stewart and we invited her to feature in our Gifting Inspiration blog. 

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