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Cawdor carpet bag from ANTA Scotland


The landscape and seasons in Scotland provide the greatest colour palette for design. The hues differ from month to month, county to county. These natural colour schemes inspire the ANTA textiles. Annie mixes yarns like paint colours across the warp and weft of the fabric, giving them the vibrancy that makes her designs stand out.

In winter the bare silver birch stand dormant, with deep purple buds against the often frozen hill, the braken is burnt orange and Scots-pine provides the only green, deep and dark. Spring can be the most striking, the sun is still low but the longer days allow for bulbs, wildflowers and new leaves to burst. In summer the moors and hills transform; the heather blooms purple and vegetation is bright. Different landscapes also provide different hues. Where our highland factory is in Ross-Shire, the land is wide and open for arable farming. In summer everything is warm harvest yellow, dusty and rich. The soil is good quality when it is sown in autumn and spring, the fields are carved with dark trenches for the seed. Travelling west the hills grow from the land, casting huge shadows. The lochs seem almost black and the hills gradually transform each season.

The outer islands are light and bright places. The white sand makes the water brilliant blue and the wildflowers in the summer freckle the shores with multicoloured spots.

Cawdor is a timeless design. It is one of the classic castle carpet collections at ANTA. The dark purple and light green are tonally so similar that the eye blends them easily. It is a subtle design using natural colours that occur across Scotland but nowhere better than the surrounding woodland and gardens at Cawdor Castle. It is not a surprise that Shakespeare immortalised this Highland castle in Macbeth, the romantic hills and noble woods conjure up tales of witches and Thanes easily...



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