Francesca Leibowitz Heather Throw

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Designed while Francesca was an ANTA Artist in Residence, this series of throws take their inspiration from the Autumnal and Winter landscape within the highlands. Using photography and abstracting the images to produce colour blocks to weave. 

Drawings inspired by weavings and weavings inspired by drawings.

In an attempt to fully comprehend the process of weaving, my research began with simple geometric line drawings influenced by weaving patterns. In turn, I abstracted images of Highland landscapes, in order to produce block coloured, gridded line drawings, which ultimately will be made into woven pieces.

Through understanding the construction of woven pieces, I was able to translate the line drawings into warps and wefts, playing with the overlapping of lines and colours. Alongside the drawings, I made small woven samples in order to test the effects of different coloured warps and wefts, as well as the myriad of weave patterns.

This series of throws reflects my journey through autumnal Highland landscapes, as seen through large abstract patterns.

Size & Material Used

Wool is a natural product that is sustainable, biodegradable and resilient. It is also a natural insulator and sound proofing material.

-Lamb's Wool -Size L200 x W158cm

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