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Wedding season begins...

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Unique wedding gift ideas - give an ANTA vase or bowl filled with flowers

Spring is in full bloom, which means only one thing. Yes, the season of nuptials is upon us again. So as the bride and groom deliberate over who to sit next to Great Aunt Morag, and whether smoked salmon is overdone as an appetiser, you'll be in pursuit of the perfect present for the happy couple.

When selecting your gift, veering off-registry needn't be out of the question. If carefully chosen with the couple in mind, it can be a great deal more personal and memorable than a toaster or a pedal bin. Much like their imminent union, versatile but beautiful kitchen classics and comforting home accessories will last the test of time.


Unique wedding presents - choose some classic, luxurious home accessories

Something to make their house a home...

Soft furnishing accents, like a wool throw or scatter cushions, introduce elements of warmth into the home and are always welcome additions.

Quash any compulsion you may have to go big, bold or 'funky'. Rather, allow the quality and texture of the piece to speak up – luxurious fabrics like tweed, merino wool, and crisp linen are the epitome of elegance and fine taste. Consider the size and style of their home and their collective tastes. You'll enjoy their endless gratitude for something that can go from nest to nest, so opt for muted tones and simple patterns for that enduring style.

From picnics in the park to idyllic evenings snuggled up together by the fire, an ANTA throw is a present they can enjoy for years to come.


Wedding gift ideas - a set of ANTA stoneware kitchen essentials

Buy not just for now, but for what is to come...

The right present should be something with which they can create memories and forge new traditions as they weave their lives together.

Any occasion or celebration the newlywed couple have to look forward to is sure to involve an assembly of slightly squashed friends and family members around the table. So, as a present, kitchen and dining wares are endlessly practical but will also inspire shared experiences – gastronomic gatherings and culinary disasters alike.

Beautiful and robust, ANTA stoneware staples fit the bill perfectly; like a baking dish they can pull out every weekend as they gather for a proper family supper, or a sturdy stack of bowls they'll habitually come to rely on as they sit down to breakfast.

For an added personal touch, drop round with a salad bowl filled with flowers, or a decorative serving plate bearing home baked brownies. It's a wonderful way to welcome them home from the honeymoon.


Group wedding gift ideas - a selection of ANTA upholstered footstool cubes

Get together to make a big impression...

The giving of a wedding token can often be blighted by complicated etiquette, and many will agonise over what the appropriate spend is. Your relationship to the couple should be the main consideration, but there really is no sense in over-stretching your finances, especially if you received a few invitations this year. While there is much greater value in a thoughtful gift than an expensive one, you may find a perfect present that is a little over your budget.

Group gifts are growing in popularity, and are sure to make a memorable impression on the bride and groom. Club together with the old school crowd, or your close cousins and you can opt for something a little more lavish that you know they'll love.

Furnishings that bridge the gap between useful and decorative, like a rug or a footstool, are ideal. In a wide range of a patterns to suit any style of interior, an ANTA cube could be just what you are looking for.

So, once the gift is wrapped and ready, all you need to worry about is what to wear!

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