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Prince Charles gives a royal welcome to the new ANTA factory

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The Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay toured ANTA's new factory, on July 28th, to meet the craftsmen and women at the heart of the business and learn about the company’s commitment to the Scottish textile industry.

Duke of Rothesay ANTA Cawdor Cube

As advocates of the Campaign for Wool, of which the Duke is a royal patron, this was a significant opportunity for us to demonstrate the profound impact his initiative has had in scaling the business nationally and internationally.

“Endorsement from The Duke of Rothesay reaffirms ANTA’s philosophy and our commitment to provide skilled local employment for generations to come. His presence as a global figurehead raises a wider awareness of the industry, heritage and the talented individuals that make our products.” says Annie Stewart, designer and co-founder.

ANTA - Duke of Rothesay, Annie Stewart & Marilyn Woolley

Amidst the rural North Eastern coast of Scotland is the home of luxury textiles and homeware brand, ANTA. Instantly recognisable by their contemporary play on traditional tweed and tartan designs, an artisanal approach to colour, composition and texture adored by customers worldwide, derives from a distinct sense of place grounding the progressive expansion of the company. Cofounded 30 years ago by Annie and Lachlan Stewart, coupled after meeting and later graduating from Edinburgh College of Art, the enduring success of ANTA is both a personal and professional triumph achieved when a profound appreciation for natural colour and conservation are creatively combined. Beauty in its truest form, ANTA products are manufactured by an experienced team of craftsmen and women employed locally and trained in-house at the Highland headquarters in Fearn.

ANTA - Ruth & Eilidh with Annie Stewart & Duke of Rothesay

The company location represents a long-term commitment to preserve the renowned Scottish textiles and manufacturing industry embedded in ANTA’s origins. All materials used in production are sourced for their sustainable properties in order to create timeless designs that present customers with a unique offering of both style and substance. From tweed fabrics naturally dyed to create an everlasting colour, to the raw shell and stag horn buttons adorning ANTA pure wool cushions, the modesty and enduring quality consistent across ANTA designs is the quintessential Scottish charm that makes it a favourite of so many customers.

The opening of a new self-sustaining factory after 26 years of manufacturing in the Highlands reaffirms the authenticity ANTA emanates. It is a direct investment in both the people and production at the centre of ANTA operations as the company continues to move forward, with the imminent launch of their international website following a surge in domestic and worldwide orders by 48 per cent last year.

ANTA - Brian, Annie Stewart & Duke of Rothesay

The new factory in Fearn is here to meet this next level of demand. As a state of the art facility it creatively brings together three critical elements of ANTA: the pottery, textiles and dispatch, placing them at the forefront of future growth plans. Previously disparate entities housed in traditional outbuildings on the Highland site, this new, communal manufacturing arrangement is an open obligation to further develop and refine the proponents of ANTA’s sustained success. The design provides a visual sensory experience for all involved to inspire, innovate and increase efficiency internally. Panoramic glass windows run the entire length of the building in order to flood in natural light and connect employees with the expansive landscape influencing the ANTA aesthetic.

ANTA - Duke of Rothesay, Annie Stewart & Vincent Kilcollins

Visitors are equally enthralled by the opportunity to view the beguiling artisan work occurring and understand the honest quality of manufacturing ANTA works hard to preserve. Ecological and enterprising by the ANTA business nature, the entire factory and surrounding buildings are fuelled from a solar panel roof installation. This takes advantage of the Government green energy initiative and provides a sustainable means of supply for scale manufacturing. Combining contemporary design with classic artisan quality, the new ANTA factory, opened today by the Duke of Rothesay, is a complete projection of the progressive company that Annie and Lachlan have created. On paper and in person, it is of undisputed origins. Created from a strong sense of place that truly values the ‘Made in Scotland’ identity.

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    I love your newsletters and drool over everything. If I visit Scotland I shall visit the factory in Fearn. Until then I can dream.
    Toronto, Canada
    August 1/16

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