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Karen Borwick joined the ANTA team in July 2016 as the interior expert working closely with clients to offer tailored product advice and create bespoke interiors. Based in ANTA's Edinburgh showroom, Karen covers the east coast of Scotland from Aberdeen to Berwick-upon-Tweed and everywhere in between. We asked her to tell us what her favourite items are in a home and what ANTA products she loves the most.


Tell us about yourself and how you got into interior design?
I’m originally from Edinburgh and after completing an HND in Art & Design the big lights of London called. Being independent and with a passion for design I made the move and studied as an Interior Designer at North London University. I learnt many different aspects of design whilst studying and working in Spitalfields Market surrounded by fellow designers in the making. I returned to Scotland in 2002 keen to get on the property ladder and start my first design job. I worked for five years with New Town Design, then moved to Fired Earth where I became their regional designer for nine years, before joining ANTA a year ago.

Why did you want to be an interior expert?
I’ve had a passion for interior design from a young age and am only content when being creative. I wanted a job where everyday is different, where I would have the chance to meet interesting people and travel to great locations.

How would you describe your style?
Mid-century modern with a bit of an industrial twist. I tend to collect anything made before the Seventies and have fun trying out pieces together. I love refined lines, minimalist silhouettes and natural shapes.

How do you work with customers?
Communication is key. I include the customer in the design process right from the start. I like to hear how they feel about their home and what they hope to achieve. I like to meet their families, especially the dog, so I can put together a scheme that is personal for that customer. A home should be where you feel joy and happiness and I like working with customers to help them create their own favourite space.IMG_8665

What inspires you?
Nature and people. I learn something new every day working with different people. Many of our clients are international and meeting and talking with them as part of the design process is truly inspiring. I turn to the surrounding landscape for further inspiration and I’m lucky to travel across beautiful Scotland as part of my job! All of the ANTA fabrics reflect the colours within the Scottish landscape, so the design team here are spoilt for choice. The balance of colours used with natural materials that are transformed into quality design here at ANTA, using artisan techniques, takes our products to another level.

What colour would you paint your living room tomorrow?
Not grey! I would not do the field of the wall in the new magnolia! I tend to veer away from anything predictable and generic. Blue is my ultimate colour and I could work all day, every day with every blue shade. People can lack confidence moving away from the neutrals, but if you get the colour right with the help of an interior designer it can make the space really special!Fi-Walker

If you were to advise a client on investing in a statement piece, what would it be?
It would have to be the ANTA carpet cube, upholstered in any one of our stain resistant carpet cloths, which are super durable. It’s a game changer as it provides a small injection of colour to the interior, whilst being so versatile. You can take it outside for BBQ’s; it’s a winner with kids playing computer games; and it makes the best foot stool, side table or chair at the table in an emergency.


What’s the most cherished item in your home?
Good question! My 1958 Norwegian teak corner unit which has a rotating bar and book case. Here you’ll find my cherished West German pots, our whisky collection and my Haruki Murakami books.

What’s your favourite room in a house?
Bathroom. It’s a tranquil space for anybody in the home to have some private time out. I can’t wait to complete my first tartan tiled wet room with the new 60x30cm ANTA tiles!shower

Tell us how you accessorise a home…
Start with an object that brings you joy, and choose other accessories that compliment that piece. You're much more likely to be happy with the result when you begin with a much-loved item. I like to utilise artwork, ceramics, cushions and throws into my schemes. After that is the fun part - decide on a colour scheme.

What are your favourite ANTA fabrics?
Ballone - for the ultimate rug
Curlew - for a throw
Ben More Lowland Tweed - for cushions
Linen - for curtains
You can see all my ANTA favourites on my Pinterest board here

What is your favourite ANTA ceramic pattern?
From the vintage range it is the black and white Macfarlane - it’s so sharp, I love the look of a dark blackboard against a white wall which this design reminds me of. From the current collection it is the black ridge and the blue James Stewart.

What do you think is the most versatile ANTA ceramic?
All day long, it has to be the porridge bowl. You can use it every day from cereal in the morning to left over dinner portions that are stored in the fridge/freezer. It is perfect as a nibbles dish and you can throw it in your carpet bag and off you go on a picnic, it is so durable it never breaks. Treat your pet and use it as a dog or cat bowl! Have it in your bathroom for cotton wool buds, or fill it with sea shells - the list is endless!

Whether you need advice on colours and patterns, or would like to know more about refreshing your whole home, our interior designers can help you create the look you’ll love. Book a FREE in-store interior design consultation, or for £250 which is redeemable against product, book a home visit. Book your appointment today, e-mail us at interiors@anta.co.uk

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